The Piano…

DCF 1.0

Each time I play the piano

It reminds me of your love

Love that serenades my soul

A soul sweetened by the magical flow

As your fingers stroke me gently and sweetly

I feel the gush of blood rise within me

Like the ecstatic emotions I get from the piano

When my fingers nimble on the keys

And I drown in the symphonic rhythm


Each moment I spend with you

My whole body leaps for joy

As your every touch reaches the core of me

Just like the magic from the piano

Its melodious lyrics keeps me alive

As I stroke the black and white keyboard

The subtle echoes caresses me gently

And I get lost in the euphoria of music

Intoxicated by the million bubbles sparked

By the feelings you arouse in me


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved

12 thoughts on “The Piano…

  1. When I read this, I thought of when I play the piano. GOD has given me a wonderful gift to play, and when I play, it is only for HIM. I play to relax my soul and bring my mind into focus on HIM. People have often asked what I can play and response is always “Church music” and thinking about it, I should say, “Praise to HIM music” I have no desire to play anything else. HE is the One that gave me the talent, and all I want is to give it back to HIM. Playing the piano, for me, is speaking my love to HIM!

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    • Wow! It’s nice to see someone with a desire to play the piano only for Gospel praise and worships. I love Praise and worship songs so much. They are quite uplifting and minister to the soul. You are on the right track. Nothing enriches and brings us closer to God like Praises to HIM. I love to herald my day with praises to HIM in the mornings. It’s a pleasure reading this from you. Thank you so much. 🙂

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