To My Followers!!!

whatsyourstory3 (2).jpg

I will just drop this here!!!  

This post has become necessary because I wanted to maximise my time and get to read your most recent postings so to speak.

So, what’s your today’s story and blog post?

I need you to help me realise my daily goals and manage my time better.

How you may ask?

If you are my follower (new and old) and an ardent supporter, I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate you and would like to be a part of your daily stories too. Kindly drop the link of your recent post on the comment section. That way, in between work and my tight schedule, I could access your blogs on my phone by a click on your link.

I think it will be easier for me to take a sneak peek at your blog that way. I’ve been thinking how best to engage myself during lunch breaks or times when I am far away from the computer… And I believe this is a way to get to read your blogs given my recent job routine, which has changed my blogging schedule.

Further, it will be easier for me to see your link ‘cos your story might get lost in the myriad of postings as I juggle between blogs through the WP Reader.

Thank you and thank you again for your understanding. I am grateful that you are a good sport and a great support to me.

Looking forward to your links. Enjoy this glorious day.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved


62 thoughts on “To My Followers!!!

  1. Stella interesting Idea, i was toying with an idea of how i can read blogs and keep in touch and balance the nnew job. So i installed wordpress app on my phone. I will surely link my post here for you to read .. currently no new posts

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  2. "QUANTE PROBABILITA' CI SONO CHE TUTTE QUESTE, E MOLTE ALTRE, CONDIZIONI SI VERIFICHINO CO;EEMPORANEAMTNTE?&quotNla risposta è semplice:E' UN MIRACOLO!!!Come quelli di Gesù. O meglio: come TUTTI QUELLI DI GESU' (OSSIA TUTTI QUELLI ATTRIBUITI A GESU' CRISTO) MESSI INSIEME MA CHE ACCADONO TUTTI IN UNA VOLTA (cioè, non come con Gesù nel corso di una vita, ma tutti insieme nella stessa mattinata). A livello di probabilità statistica siamo a livelli di questo tipo…


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