Devotional Nuggets – #42

When God seals His stamp of approval over your blessing, it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like it or who likes it. Be encouraged with these words today!!!

  • Behind every great success, is a great sacrifice.
  • Behind every great story, is a great storm.
  • Behind every great breakthrough, is a great brokeness.
  • Behind every great smile, is a great sorrow.
  • Behind every great potential, is a great pain.

What is that great pain or suffering that is choking you as you aspire for greatness in life?

I want to encourage you to endure it all to the end, because if you can make it to the end, looking back, you’ll be so glad you did. The snow always melt away so be encouraged this too shall pass away and the storm will end.

  • Every pain is just for a moment!
  • Hang in there!
  • You’re almost there.
  • Remember, most times it’s darkest when it’s dawn.
  • And also remember that, warfare surrounds the birth of a miracle.

Your blessing is signed, sealed and will be delivered to you at the destined time. It’s never late with God.

Continue to hold on and never waver in your faith.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved


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