Photo of the Day!

13346465_10154019914015432_9141727065481354137_n (2)

*Love this food for breakfast – when I have the time to fry Akara balls*

The photo of the day is a typical breakfast popular among the peoples of West Africa. It is very popular in Nigeria and loved by the people. Yours sincerely loved this food to bits.

Akara, is a delicacy made from de-hulled brown or black-eyed beans. The de-hulled beans is blended until pulp, mixed with onions, salt and the use of other spices is optional. It is then fried in deep oil. Akara is very tasty and delicious.

Akara balls can be eaten for breakfast or dinner with any pudding or porridge (oat).  I like mine with Custard pudding or oat as you can see from the picture.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to give myself a treat and leave the usual breakfast of ‘bread’ alone. So, I woke up early enough to start the process of peeling off the outer part of the black-eyed beans. A worthy effort that was, because I got to enjoy my breakfast, a deviation from the usual.

That was my photo offering for today. My yesterday’s (Sunday) breakfast!!!

Peace and Love!

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