…And It’s August Already!

Oh! Noooo!! It’s August!!!

What about August? Is anything wrong with August?

Well, there is nothing wrong with August, but I’m afraid that the year is racing speedily. And I can feel the change in the weather already. Here in my part of the world, I could feel that change is really inevitable. The August wind has started to blow in the last few days sending us cold chills and I wondered again where summer is hiding. Don’t want to think about it yet. Oh cold, please go away!!!  Where are the prayers warriors? You guys should take position and get ready, there may be the need to pray out this cold ‘cos I don’t like the taste of cold. I said I don’t like the cold season, period!

Why not? Change is constant. There is a season for everything on earth. August must be birthed by July and September must come too and so is Autumn… Noooo not again!!!

Let time stand still, pleaseeeee!!! Nature, be kind, let summer stay a bit longer!!!

Oh! I guess I have to face my fears and embrace reality. I don’t want Autumn because I dread Winter… Well, poor me, sorry, but everything must take its cause. There is no vacuum in life. But the only antidote is to prepare oneself for whatever the day brings. Be prepared!!!

It is true that the summer is slowing coming to an end. Have you enjoyed it thus far? Have you? You can still go out today if you’ve got the time. Take your kids out to the park, go enjoy the serenity of the beach. Stop over and savour the refreshing and soothing taste of some really flavoured ice-cream. Hmmn, love that cosy word – ice-cream!!! Or just drive round your vicinity and take a breath of fresh air.

Hey, enjoy your day. Take good care, have some fun. It makes for a healthy life and we all need it. You deserve it too ‘cos you’ve worked so hard. So don’t deprive yourself of fun activities before the cold season sets in. What’s life after all if you keep working without taking a break to cool off? My friend, enjoy the rest of the hot weather. Go swimming, fishing, just do whatever seems like fun to you.

*You can invite me along if you need good company….* Lol.

Have a truly rewarding and fun week despite your tight work schedule.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “…And It’s August Already!

    • Oh yes, despite the harsh cold of the winter, it comes with its glories too. And I can thrive under any season but I so loveee the summertimes. Can Nature just let it stay a bit?? Hahaha! Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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      • True, sometimes I also wish so, I’m a big fan of swimming and in India the winters are really harsh and pool facilities limited. So one can’t swim post September 😦 but one has to find other interesting activities to do 🙂

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      • Luckily here, swimming can be done even in the winter because it’s indoors. And of course, one engages in other indoor activities more during the cold. That’s when I use the gym regularly unlike now that I enjoy taking a walk more both day and night ‘cos of the light. Cheers! 🙂


  1. I truly enjoyed your article. But, I am so over our hot and humid weather, the constant growth of weeds that need pulling almost daily, and twice a week of grass mowing. I am ready for a chill.

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    • I can understand the problems that come with every phase of life, lol. So summer despite its shine and glow bring a burden too for some of us. Well, the chill and cold is almost here and we’d get tired of it too. Haha! Thanks for your kind support. Have a great day. 🙂

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