Devotional Nuggets – #37

Today’s morning devotion is taken from the book of Genesis. And it is the story of Joseph and his brothers. We all know this story and how his brothers sold him for twenty pieces of silver?

Did we also realise that Reuben plotted a strategy to save Joseph and return him back to his father Jacob? He had good intentions, but it failed. He was disappointed. Why?

Saving him and returning him to his father will be a joyous thing, but his destiny wouldn’t have been fulfilled. God saw Joseph’s future and failed Reuben’s good plans, but instead allowed the evil plans of his enemies (his brothers) to be fulfilled by selling him out to the middianites.

God saw his destiny, and allowed him pass through the fire. Just like the synagogue story, Jesus always knows. 

All the time that Joseph suffered, he could not see what God was doing. Yet as we look back at his story now, we see so obviously that God was with him, that God was sovereignly working everything together to put Joseph in the exact position He wanted him to be in.

Know God is working in your circumstances!

This is the lesson tucked in this story: No matter how bad that situation seems, never think God has abandoned you, He is preparing for your Mega-comeback and breakthrough. Relax!! Also note that your enemies are around you not far from you. Therefore, always watch and pray!!!

I wish you the very best of today.

Peace and Love!

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