If I Could Fly…

I want you to know this day

That you mean more than the words I utter to you

You mean more than the things I do for you

You have become like the air that I breathe

You are in my eyes at all times

I want you to know

That if I were a painter

I would paint you with the brush strokes

Making a canvas of the beautiful YOU

With colourful colours

If I were a singer

I would sing a song

With beautiful lyrics and melodies

Filled with love and praises for YOU

Love jingles that will stimulate your heart

If I were a cook

I would cook you the best meals

Tasty dishes filled with love spices

That would warm your heart to mine forever

And if I could fly

 I’d soar so high

Grazing heaven above

Trailing a giant banner

For the whole world to see

That you are my heartbeat

I cannot do any of those

But I can do just this one thing that I know how

Write it boldly here

That you are my sunshine

The one that I cherish

The one that I have grown to LOVE

The one LOVE that I feel


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved




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