Devotional Nuggets – #34

It’s great to be with you today again. I am kinda happy that the week is closing up and I will have some good rest. My days are so choked that my time on this blog is taking a subtle downward spiral. And if you have noticed, I couldn’t afford to meet up with my blogging routine since last week.

It’s a new trend in my lifestyle. Some of the exigencies of life I’d say. But it will be for a short time. I have a new job schedule that encroaches on my blogging time. So, kindly bear with me. My enthusiasm and passion is still aflame. And I will return with a better me here.

Quickly, as I was returning home yesterday, I kept thinking about the church and the words I hear. Growing up, I knew the kind of teachings I heard in the church. I was born a catholic and attended catechism which was the norm then. Don’t know if they still do such now. The moral lessons of the teachings at that time shaped my life and I am happy for that.

However, I have noticed that the modern day church and preaching are shaped to suit the people. They give the people what they want to hear.

People in the church today try to pick and choose what they want to believe out of the Bible. And if they don’t like anything, they tear out the page that they don’t like. Oh yes, that’s my conclusion because sometimes I wonder when I see what Christians do and what religion has turned some people into… Perhaps, I will elaborate on this at a later date.

But that’s not how it’s suppose to work. Stamping your foot, and arguing like a child won’t change the Bible. The WORD of God never changes.

Ask God to guide you when you study the Bible. That way, the Holy Spirit will guide you to understand the word of God. For studying the Bible in the flesh enables you to see what Satan wants you to see. While studying the Bible in the Spirit enables you to see God’s glories. You know what is right.

So when you read the Bible, discern the word by the help of the Holy Spirit. Understand the word and do the right things. You know when you are enveloped with the right attitude.

May the Lord help us as we search His word.

Peace and Love!

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