Devotional Nuggets – #33

Life is all about the choices and decisions we make. These choices either make or mar us. Taking decisions or making choices is one important aspect of existence.


From my personal experience, I have taken decisions in the past that became detrimental. I have taken wrong steps that brought negative results. I have made mistakes due to wrong choices and poor decision making. We should be guided about this.

For instance, staying happy or sad is a choice you can make for yourself.

Life throws us a lot of challenges and at the same time, life opens up options for us to look at and choose from to tackle these obstacles. Other times, it is not even about challenges, but decisions we must take about our everyday lives.

There are times we make wrong choices that affect our happiness on the interim or even on the long run as the case may be. Some choices become a life-long mistake that live with us forever. So, there is need to be extremely careful when taking vital decisions about life.

One important thing I’d say here is that if you ever want to live a happy life without any regrets, never make choices based on other people’s lives or opinion.

  • Ensure that you don’t make choices when you are under pressure.
  • Don’t make choices because other people around you are taking the same decisions. Don’t follow the trend. Be yourself!
  • Don’t allow others to make choices for you based on their own perspective. It is good to seek advice and counsel. But I tell you, the final decision lies with you.
  • Be careful how you let your senses make choices for you. Don’t take decisions when you are emotionally high or low.  Don’t take quick decisions based on your mood. Wait, until when you are in a relaxed mood so that you will be clear what choices you are making.
  • Be careful how you make choices based on the condition you find yourself.
  • It is wise to make choices by praying about them. By asking the Holy Spirit to step in and reveal things to you.

I am a witness to this. I realised it a bit late though. When I pray and ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit, I get the answer but I never heed to it. Then, I never realised the power of my intuitive spirit. I used to ignore those signs. But not anymore.

Really, this is so true for me. Once I pray about it and ask for a leading, I get the answers. I am learning to heed to the voices of my inner self whenever they prompt up. Try this out and you’d be amazed at what you will discover about the power within you. Allow your inner self speak to you.

As a Christian, let God guide the choices and decisions you take in life. Pray, pray a second and a third time if need be and wait for Him, the All Knowing God to instruct you on what to do. Oh YES! God will certainly speak to YOU but you have to be quiet and patient to hear His voice.

Never ignore the still voice within you! LISTEN because it always speaks to you.

Make CHOICES by letting the Word of God be a lamp unto your feet to guide you.

Blessings to you!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Devotional Nuggets – #33

  1. Hi Stella, Fantastic post – I just love your devotional nuggets,your insight and the way you share.
    —Don’t make choices because other people around you are taking the same decisions. Don’t follow the trend. Be yourself! — love this.

    I have started a part time job, after 2 years of not working, so still settling in , so blogging schedule and reading others blogs has gone a bit -… I have only worked 5 days over two day, some one was retiring and it became a mad rush to get me in.. oh what a shock … Hopefully, in a few more week, I might be settled on all fronts.

    Great post.regards bella


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