Devotional Nuggets – #31

We all are born into this sinful world called earth. And it is obvious that Satan is fighting hard to impose its powers on earth. So one must be wary of Satan’s ways and rules.

As a citizen of heaven via your spiritual rebirth, God now sends His Holy Spirit to dwell in you so He could begin to transform you into who He wants you to be, and also preparing you for heaven. For you to be a legitimate citizen of heaven, you need to be a good ambassador of Jesus Christ here on earth till you are beckoned back home.

An ambassador of a country in a foreign land represents the president of his country. The Police cannot make an arrest at their embassy because they are covered with immunity. But they have to obey the law of the land.

Therefore, as an ambassador of Jesus Christ on earth, we are representing Him here, and there are rules we have to abide with so the enemy will not have the authority to trespass into our territory.

Are you an ambassador of Jesus Christ? 

Or an ambassador of the devil?
Or an ambassador of neither here nor there?

Whoever you are representing will affect and impact on your lifestyle.  It will affect your thoughts and what you conceive in your heart. It will affect how you view humanity. It will be your driving force in life. And you will live by their mantra.

Whoever you are representing here on earth, will also determine which citizenship you have.  God desires wholehearted sincere Christians.

Are you a sincere, law abiding citizen of heaven?
If not, apply for and change your citizenship to heaven today.

There’s no dual citizenship like some countries have. It is a one way ticket… the only ticket to heaven! It’s either you are for God or for the Devil. You have to choose one and represent that one.

Do you desire the ultimate citizenship today?

Apply Today!!! Jesus Christ loves you and has paid your citizenship fee. And it is very FREE!  He wants you to go about with love in your heart too for your fellow humans.

Accept Him as your Lord and Saviour and tune in to His frequency so that you will receive food for your soul and do the right things He wants from you.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved


2 thoughts on “Devotional Nuggets – #31

    • Awww… Thank you so much. So pleasing to hear this. Glad you like the devotional posts. I appreciate the nomination too, but for the paucity of time, will add it to my pending awards and tackle them in one post sooner than later. Thank you. 🙂

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