Devotional Nuggets – #26

To all the Survivors in the house. Shout Hallelujah!

Life is never a smooth ride.  From my own experience, life is rough, tough that only the tough sail through the murky waters. But the amazing thing is that anytime I am faced with problems and challenges, and there seem to be no way, somehow, I manage to wriggle myself out of such situations.

Somehow, I just survive that challenge and move on to the next stage. I know He makes a way where there seem to be no way. Oh yes, I am talking about the ultimate powers in Christ Jesus.

I have survived bad times, bad relationships, bad seasons and dark moments. I was born to survive and I am a Survivor by the grace of God. Even the pressures of these last two weeks were almost crushing and crippling but I have also survived the flu. Yes, it took its toll on me but I am here doing this post now.

Here I am Lord. Thank you for making me a survivor.

My name is Stella and I am a SURVIVOR!

I have survived all odds because God is on my side.

Each time I fall, Our Lord Jesus picks me up again and again.

The Holy Spirit lives inside of me and goes about with me.  So even in times of crises, I am strengthened and empowered by His abundant grace.

Friends, I am victorious in Christ Jesus!  Is this your testimony as well?

Even before I was born, God already knew me and called me by my name. So I am sanctified and ordained from the womb to be the head and not the tail, to be above only, and not beneath. Check out Jeremiah 1:5.

I am a child of the most High God. He has called me according to his purpose and I shall live to fulfil his purpose on earth by the Grace that He alone has blessed me with.

I reiterate today, that no matter what I am passing through, no matter how many times I fall, no matter where I am in life, I will survive.

No matter how long it takes, I will surely get there at my own time. Just as you too will follow your compass and berth at your destinations at your own time. We are not in competition. But every man to his/her own cross, living according to his/her purpose.

I know there are people like me reading this, who have been survivors in different ways. Those who have gone through difficult seasons. Those who are passing through challenging phases, yet keeping their heads high focusing on their goals and finding strength in the word of God.

If you are one of those, smile and tell yourself that you are a SURVIVOR.

This is for YOU:  The Survivors!

  • Be strong!
  • Hold on!
  • You shall get there!
  • For the Lord is your Strength.

God bless you all SURVIVORS out there!

Peace and Love!

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