Guest – The Daily Prompt!

It was exactly a year ago when

Vivian and Henry tied the nuptial knot

I still remember the massive turn-out of guests

At the grand ceremony

It was a beautiful wedding

The start of an adventure

For the lovely newly wed

When I stood up to talk about

Their love journey

All I could remember was the look on Vivian’s face

The first time she met Henry… well, here they are now!

“Congratulations on your wedding

May your lives be filled with sunshine and sweet fragrance

May you both enjoy a blissful life together

And make each moment of your togetherness

A moment to cherish and savour”

I raised my glass of champagne

And all the guests raised their glasses too

To Vivian and Henry

May you find fulfilment in each other!

Everyone giggled and smiled approvingly

As I sat down ecstatic that

The couple will uphold each other

Until the end of time

For theirs was a magical love story


The Daily Prompt – GUEST.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved



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