Devotional Nuggets – #16

Waking up early is a normal for me becaue I need to carve out a few minutes to think and meditate. Just a few minutes will connect me to my inner self. When I take the time to reflect, it makes me more mindful of my blessings and gives me a reason to be thankful to God.

Yesterday, I was so knackered that I slept off, no, the right word was dozed, yeah, I dozed off too early, lol. And I couldn’t post my last feature for the day. Well, I am human too and sometimes, the spirit might be willing but the body will give way. In like manner, sometimes even when we feel the need to meditate, our bodies become weak and we fail to achieve that reflective moment.

I slept good though and here I am feeling happy for many reasons. I am alive and have woken up to another weekend. Haha!

Hope you had a good night rest too. I believe that since you are reading this post now, it means one thing – YOU are Alive. Thank God for that. 🙂

Today, I’d like us to remind ourselves that we must not lose our powers:

“I am not going to lose my power!” Great!

Samson was a very powerful man but he had five major flaws:

  • He disregarded the warning of the elders
  • He loved the wrong woman
  • He trusted too easily
  • He talked too much
  • He could not observe a foe from a friend

Some of us would not have gotten in the mess we are in today if we had heeded to warnings (especially biblical warnings).

We wouldn’t have been in trouble if we had guarded our hearts, made people earn our trust, and kept our mouths shut. In this life, we have to discern who is for us and who is against us. Don’t waste time when you make that determination, because by the time Samson figured it out he was already stripped off his power.

It is very important that we take a decisive and resolute decision on the below pointers so we can live a more fulfiling life devoid of unnecessary negative drama.

  • No matter what we are offered
  • No matter our present situation
  • No matter the presentation or package
  • No matter how lonely we get
  • No matter the sweetness of the words we hear
  • No matter the price or reward

Do not trade in your power. Rememer that your life is priceless. Remember that losing your life for anything is worthless. You don’t have to be careless with your life. Therefore, let’s affirm and declare that – We are not going to lose our powers or allow anyone to lead us into losing our God-given power and talents.

Declare it now to yourself – “I am not going to lose my power” –  Amen.

May we never lose our powers and May we be able to discern between what is good for us and what is bad.

May God help us in all that we do.

Happy Weekend, Dear Beloved!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

14 thoughts on “Devotional Nuggets – #16

  1. This came at the right time… I really needed to hear this. Thanks alot love for sharing. It spoke right to me. I will not lose my power💪

    Liked by 1 person

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