Photo of the Day!

12924493_930189477078111_8100542739979253341_n (2)

*Taken inside the tourist bus*


10399498_930194983744227_1109276824433710926_n (2)


12240146_930189120411480_1163512299721315099_n (2)

*A major road*


12439274_930195610410831_18564771673631939_n (2)

*Side view of the central train station – Hamburg*

12472480_930194280410964_8275736235259647540_n (3)


12512727_930185740411818_3050300922593818592_n (3)

*The city of Hamburg is littered with trees*

Here are my photo offerings for today:

The above photos are sights from the German city called – Hamburg!

Hamburg is only 4hours drive from me. Germany share borders with Denmark and is one of the easiest places to visit with direct buses and trains at ridiculously cheap fares. 🙂 🙂

Peace and Love!

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