This Digital World…

In solitude lives deep thoughts

In silence the heart beat echoes

As the gentle breeze of aloneness caresses my soul

I hear my voice speak to me

In my world of reflections.


I am caught in the web of man’s inventions

A spectacle that gladdens my spirit

A nightmare that erodes my privacy


How did we get here?

A dramatic stage so the world has become!


I am sitting with my thinker box

Staring at the mirror of life

No, not the one looking down the Hallway,

And I see you in my dark sable tunnel

I wondered

How did we get here?


I heard a glow in your husky voice

As you massage my curious mind

How did we get here?

You echoed back into my thoughts.


I am travelling on this wings of change

When I wander away at meal times.

Our knitted family bonded by love

Now live in a separate world of reflections.

As we sit together to break bread,

We muse with the masked angel hiding on our faces

Caught in the web of man’s inventions.


Wow! This artsy, this awesome craft

Has brought you and I together

To peep into each other’s souls.

You are my mirror on the road to perfection

Like the fall flowers trying to bloom

Some would rise up to dazzle the world

On the stage of poetry

Poetry a coded puzzle

Poetry my new idol.


Some day in the future

You and I will reflect on the string of connections

That we have built on this village square

On the path to discover our inner strength

When we paint poetry with the images of our heart.

Poetry my new idol.

I hope that when we do

Staring back at our reflections

We shall stand holding our prizes

The dividend of our poetic instincts


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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