Devotional Nuggets – #13

Wear an Armour over you:

No matter how strong we think we are, there will be a time when stress gets overwhelming and we desperately wish we had somewhere to hide. We wish we have somewhere to take refuge from the storms and waves of life.

Well, there is someone who understands what we’re going through and his name is Jesus Christ.

God understands what we are going through. His Word promises He will help us in times of trouble. When adversity strikes, God offers the refuge and strength we need to weather life’s storms – Psalm 31:

Focus on God more than the situation that is prevailing in your life because God is the only solution to your situation. Satan only has the power you give him! We have got to stand up with our God given authority and cast him out of our lives!! John 10: 10, he steals, kills and destroys everything that comes within his grasp. Do not allow the Devil to fool you with earthly things.

  • Hasn’t the Devil taken enough in your life?
  • Hasn’t he given you enough sorrow, pains and disappointments?
  • It’s time to allow God to restore what the Locust has eaten.
  • It’s time to reclaim all your lost glories,
  • It’s time to possess all your possessions.

No matter the problems that has enveloped you; don’t feel like you are simply hanging on; don’t fight the battle by yourself. Instead, put all your trust in God who offers peace and strength, victory and triumph in every human warfare.

Today, may you be covered with the full armour of God. May you receive unprecedented blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sending you warm wishes for a wonderful day.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

17 thoughts on “Devotional Nuggets – #13

    • Awww… this is emotional for me. I am touched. How would you know that I almost shied away from writing this scriptural posts?? Until 2wks ago when it was pressed upon me during one of my quiet moments. I decided to heed to my inner voice without caring if people will read it or not. I made it my first post for the day… Now, I see the reason why I must continue to write these words. Because it is meant for someone somewhere… I’m grateful to God that his WORDS shall not return void. Thank you for your comment. May you receive unprecedented blessings from the good Lord. Hugs and cheers to you! Xx


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