A Slave To Your Charm…

Like food you are sweet and nourishing

Like wine you serenade and stimulate me.

In the coolness of darkness,

Every one succumbs to your magnetic pull,

‘Cos you hold the mace to silence worried souls.


When the day withdraws its light

And the moon begins its shift upon the earth,

When most flowers close their petals

In the twinkling rays of the stars

You appear with your scent.


When I have combed the earth in my strides,

When every fibre in me is broken,

When my strength begins to grow weary

And my eyes become teary and pained,

There you appear with your scent.


When all the clutters of the day overwhelm me,

And my body needs to shut down

You thrust your weight upon my pressured body,

And kiss away the yearnings of my heart

With your embalming, soothing fragrance.


I am a slave to your charm,

I bow when you beckon,

Now let me snuggle to you,

I must succumb to this sleep-bug,

And close my eyes for some hour’s Zzzzzz’s

As I embrace the strange world of sleep.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved

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