Devotional Nuggets – #10

Blessings or Mistakes?

You are not a mistake.

Whatever that happened in your life yesterday was not a mistake.
Whatever that will happen in your life today is not a mistake.
Whatever that is going to happen in your life tomorrow will not be a mistake.

That misstep was not a mistake and some of your next decisions are not going to be mistakes. Every single event happening in your life has a purpose. It is always a step forward in the right direction, in spite of how you choose to see it.

It may be favourable or unfavourable but there is a lesson to learn from it.

There is a reason why it is not working out for you where you are right now.

And equally, there is a reason why it worked out… why you succeeded in the venture.

There is a reason why you are not qualified for what you desire.

There is a reason why that relationship is not working out.

Maybe it is because of what you may think your qualifications are. Even though you went to the best school and have a degree to show for it.

Sometimes you think he or she is a perfect match for you, but why is it not working?

Our imagination, wish, plan and human capability to choose is below God’s wisdom, so allow God to work it out and make a better choice for you.

Our mind-sets have limitations to divine decisions, it is only when you open your ears and listen to that “godly voice” that you will start to see mistakes, disappointments as blessings in disguise.

So today I want to remind us to say, “thank you Lord to every door that has closed on me, every job that has refused me an opportunity, every person who has worked out on me, every desire that was not fulfilled, and begin to embrace every “mistake”, in a positive way and more importantly, use the mistake to correct your path and direction that God is leading you to.

You absolutely have a purpose, and it is only until you let that voice lead, guide and direct you that you will be fulfilled.

God is still saying something.
I know you can hear Him, just listen carefully.
His voice is vivid and meek.

From today, as God speaks to us, I pray He will direct our footstep towards the road of victory, triumph and prosperity, in the name of Jesus Christ.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Devotional Nuggets – #10

    • Awww… What an inspiring comment? I obeyed that subtle intuitive spirit in me and started this morning feature two weeks ago. Today, I am glad to write these series and leave it there to speak to someone. Glad you enjoy reading them. Thank you so much for your kind support. I really appreciate. Blessings to you, always. 🙂

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