Half Year Report Sheet!

The Year 2016 is far spent already. How time flies? Are we already in the month of July? What? Ha! The time is moving so fast – at a very quick tempo.

This means that half the year is gone. I mean not retrievable anymore. Gone past and never to return… Got it? January to June 2016, will never return. We can’t change the dial to these months any more. All we have left are memories and lessons about them. So, this tells me that life is progressive, always marching forward, waiting for no one. You have no choice but to move with the clock/time as it ticks away.

Okay. If you must move with the remaining months of the year, then you need to buckle those sandals tightly and hold on to the mantle you possess already and keep on your marks.

My Report!

Thus far, the year 2016 has been a year filled with a potpourri of activities. Whether I want to believe it or not. I may not have accomplished all the goals I set to achieve by June, 2016. Yes, I did set some goals which are still in view… I may not have achieved everything on my list but I have made some considerable and remarkable progress.

How do you measure success and progress? How?

This is quite relative. It depends on you and your ambitions in life. It’s all about your goals and prospects. So, what constitutes success to me might not agree with your own terms and definitions. It’s true that people view life from different lenses. Talk of different strokes for different folks. Some have accomplished so much while others got little or nothing. Still, I think there is the need to be happy for little mercies.

Every day leaves us with some lessons and experiences to ponder on. These form the stories of our lives because it is necessary as we evolve. However, I find meaning in this wise saying – where there is life, there is hope. An absolute truism. With life, things can get better if we continue to be steadfast in our good pursuits.

Looking back at the last six months gives me a nostalgic feeling.

One can never have it all. No, there are ups and down, challenges and battles that are fought every day. Life is not a smooth ride. There are moments of excitement and anxiety. There are the moments to cry and to laugh.

I have enjoyed good times and endured bad times within these last months. I have tried and failed. And I have also tried and succeeded.

Do not forget that some people have lost their lives this year. While some have buried loved ones this year. Conversely, people have gained back lives with the many births and new-borns that blessed various homes this year.

There has been turmoil, violence, explosions, and crises in many places in the world. While other places enjoyed a good level of peace and calm.

Life revolves through sad moments and beautiful moments. Good times and bad times. Successes and failures. Laughter and tears. Losses and gains.  Rejections and acceptances. There are moments of loneliness and periods of companionships.

There has been changes in government policies, changes in personal goals and even changes in company policies. What am I ranting about here? Change is constant. Change moves with the tides. Embrace change to get at your destined purpose and goals.

Nonetheless, no matter what the last six months has brought to our lives, whatever stones they have thrown at us, and in whichever way we perceived the year, let’s be filled with positive energy to celebrate life. That’s all there is to do. Simple, be grateful and glad for this very moment of life you are enjoying today.

Remember, where there is life, there you will find hope!

Hey, join me and let’s clink our glasses to life!

It is my utmost hope and wish that you embrace the next six months of the year, 2016, with vigor, with so much enthusiasm and a great penchant to be more daring in your activities. To be more attentive to details and opportunities that knock on the door in the guise of challenges.

It is my utmost wish that you will turn out stronger in all your pursuits and by the end of the year, your life would have been a home of victory and sweet testimonials.

To us all – May the months of July to December, 2016, bless us even more than we can comprehend.

Peace and Love

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Half Year Report Sheet!

  1. Great insight to your memory lane..
    It brought back the sense in me tha life is both good and bad..
    All we have to do is always keep our head up no matter and better things shall befall. Cheers! – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The first half of the year was amazing. Six months can change a person. I changed for the better…if the next six are as good, then come 2017, I’ll be the best me I can possibly be. Cheers to life 🍷 🍷 🍷

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay!!! A day can alter one’s life for the better. Happy for you that the last half was eventful. The next six months will be abundant miracles… Wishing you a better six months and a great march into 2017. Cheers to life, my Dear. Xoxo 🙂 🙂


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