Earth – Weekly Photo Challenge!

DSC_0013 (2)

*Planet Earth is occupied by Humans*


*The vegetations*


*such a lovely view*







Mother Earth has provided us with wonderful things. All we need do is to step out into Mother Nature and see the abundant bounties available for our enjoyment.

We need to be aware of the many benefits from Mother Earth. We need to be reminded of our connection to Mother Nature and acknowledge that we enjoy immense benefit through her many channels in this planet called Earth.

There is a connection and attachment to everything in nature and we ought to be grateful for them all. We all are bonded by the things we love on earth. The food we grow, the waters, the vegetations and animals. Sunrise and sunsets. Et al.

Thank you Mother Earth for your abundant provisions for us all.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – EARTH.

Peace and Love!

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