Stop The Blame Game…

It became a destructive force for you

It became a nightmare you want to wake up from

And you ask yourself

Why me?

Why you?

Who would it have been?


Or they? 

You bemoan your ill fate

You cry yourself to stupor

Stop the blame game

Stop whinning

Let’s have an honest chat

Go to the very beginning when it all started

It was everything you desired

Go back to your thoughts and actions

Where did things go wrong?

What did you do wrong?

Did you forget to uphold your love?

Did you forget to inject your relationship with the required fuel?

Did you forget to ignite the spark afresh as the flame dimed?

Did you forget?

We shed tears and point accusing fingers

We bemoan our fate

But we are the culprit

The ones behind our ill fate

Reflect again!

What can you see?


The pains of today

Often times are self-inflicted

By our words, our actions, our inactions

Our ego, our pride, our arrogance

Our unforgiven spirits

Our resolve to never change

So remember this today

Before you accuse others

Take a deep breath and search your whole heart

There you will find the reasons

Why those things happened

Why you lost out

Why things are the way they are

Then you will find the answers

Equipped with the weapons 

To tell a better story

To face tomorrow

When you are given a second chance

And a new opportunity

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


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