Celebrate Yourself – Self-Love is Key…


Having a good relationship with yourself is healthy and propels success. Loving oneself has a magical grip on you and enables you to send out positive vibes to even other people around you. 

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.” – C. JoyBell C.


When you are at peace with your strengths and flaws, you will be at peace with your immediate environment. The love of oneself is a great basis and inspiration to create a meaningful and purposeful life.

When you show love to yourself and acknowledge that self-love is crucial, your thoughts about you and your future will be positive. And that is a motivator to push ahead and go the extra mile to pursue credible goals.

To love yourself means to embrace yourself with every fibre in you.  It also means accepting your shortcomings with all your flaws. Everything about you whether good or bad encompasses who you are and makes you a complete human.  Now, your strengths and your flaws reveal the human in you and are elements of your growth. They help you discover your dominant gifts and enable you find your path in the scheme of things. They illuminate your journey towards fulfilling your destiny.

Learn to appreciate your unique gifts. Learn to have a perfect relationship with yourself. Be aware of who you are and the talents you carry in you. You are uniquely created and you are one of God’s Masterpiece.

Celebrate yourself today and enjoy the relationship with yourself.

Have a fun weekend and be proud of who you are and who you have become.

Peace and Love!

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Yourself – Self-Love is Key…

  1. I can relate with this. No one can love or celebrate you better than YOU. I was ones unsure of Myself, afraid of the outside. The moment I started loving and celebrating me was a turing point in my life. Thanks for the beautiful write up👍

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  2. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” has the implication that you should love yourself as part of your true nature. Then loving thy neighbor as thyself gives a very fundamental message on how you should treat your neighbors (and everyone else, of course).

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