Beauty in Quotes!

Like I wrote sometimes ago, I kinda see beauty in quotes. They are easy to grasp and understand. 





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Today has been a lovely day. Besides tackling some of the Daily Post challenges, my friend and her son (my godson) visited today and we had a great time together. For this, I feel happy. 🙂

Peace and Love!

7 thoughts on “Beauty in Quotes!

  1. I have come to realize now that until something good or bad happens to us directly we don’t relate to it. It’s always someone’s else problem but when it hits us personally we realize it’s impact. So truly said “you will never truly understand something until it actually happens to you.”

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    • There is a saying from where I come from that you never know the impact of death until you lose a loved one. I didn’t understand that saying until my Dad passed a few years back. Then the true meaning of the saying dawned on me. Now, I truly empathise and understand the devastating impact of death.

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