The Thirst Quencher!

What’s in water (H20)?

As I drank a glass of water this morning, I realised how refreshing water can be. I sat and thought for a moment what life would have been without water. 

Water like air, keep our bodies alive. Water is practically used for everything.

It’s a household necessity. Can you imagine a home without water?

A must for our plants and vegetations. What would the farmers do without water?

The Hospitals cannot function without water.

Imagine the Industries and other facets of life, where the use of water is key for production and the like. It’s simply an essential thing for our existence, right?

And I said a quiet ‘thank you lord’ for the gift of water.

So I thought to share this, to remind us of this incredible gift of nature that is often times overlooked. Let’s be grateful for the simple things in life, like water.

“For if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

So important is water, that it was created on the very first day – Genesis 1:2.  

Now, take a moment and look around you for those important insignificant little things we neglect or don’t take notice of… and be grateful for them.

And water, water, water, is the only satisfying thirst quencher.  It symbolizes purity.

I am grateful that I came across Collin’s Gratitude Challenge.

Thinking of today’s Photo 101 prompt.

Peace and Love!

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