Today’s View…

This is the reason I love the Winter season. 


12540591_1103256569704685_3257109329962333362_n (1).jpg

The beauty it gives!

I love the traces of snow on the bare branches of trees. Got flurries of snow yesterday. And it’s a delight to behold this morning.

Have a productive day!

Peace and Love!


19 thoughts on “Today’s View…

  1. Beautiful view…there’s a raw beauty in the atmosphere during winter time. There is a certain pain in that beauty. I wish I could say I love winter but sadly, I’m miserable during those 3 long months. I hibernate…lol. I sleep every chance I get and no matter what I do, i just can’t get warm enough.

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    • I agree there’s a certain pain in the beauty of winter – the extreme cold! The beauty in Snow is a consolation for the cold. lol. Thank God, the seasons will change soon and we can have a breath of fresh air, again. 🙂 My kind regards. 🙂


  2. I used to complain about winter and snow here in the Northeast. This winter I realized why I enjoy it. I actually love the season changes and the fact that I can hibernate. I need some down time after being very social all summer. Winter helps me to recharge. And winter has it’s own beauty. Nice picture. THanks for sharing.

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    • Truth be told, I actually began to appreciate this winter season only recently. I tell you, there is beauty in every season. You only need to pick interest and observe nature. Hitherto, I hated the cold and ‘nagged’ endlessly about it. Lol. I know better now and want to love every season as they come. Blessings! 🙂

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