The Fleeting Moments…

This afternoon, I wanted to dash off to the mall to return a dress I bought last week because it didn’t fit well. Then, I thought to eat a quick lunch in one of the fast food eateries first. I placed my orders and sat down to munch. I was chewing slowly and glancing occasionally at my phone. Well, taking a peek at my blog to know if I had comments to respond to. My new quirky habit!

I sat quietly, mentally seeping in everything around me. I observed a lady sitting about 5 seats away from me, picking at her food. Our eyes met and we smiled. Like shy teenagers, we released our eyes and continued eating in silence. But I became conscious that I was being watched and wondered what was also running through her mind.

By the time I finished my food, the lady was nowhere in sight. I got to the mall, returned the dress and slipped the returned cash into my wallet. I took the bus back to my work-place which was two bus-stops away. The bus was full with passengers because it was kinda peak time.

I got a seat and no sooner had I sat down than I looked up. And again our gaze met. The same eyes, the same dress and the same beautiful young woman, probably in her mid-20s, starred at me with the sweetest smiles I have seen in recent times.

There was no exchange of words. The smile was enough contact. And I remembered the gaze at the eatery and how she nibbled slowly at her food. We were still locked in smiles when we got to the first stop. She disembarked and waved at me. A wave that signalled approval. A wave that spoke volumes yet without any utterances. I nodded back, as she jumped down from the bus with her black bag pressed to her body.

For a split second, I focused my thoughts on the stranger.

How long has she lived here?

Who is she?

Where was she going to?

Why did we meet at the eatery and again, in the bus.

Yet with no words spoken, we spoke volumes with our eyes. Not that we are in love. Or that we hated each other. Those were eyes of curiosity.

I was poking into the others mind and searching for the reason she looked so happy.  Yes! But she deserves to be happy. And everyone else, too. I guess it was her choice to wear a smile even if there are scars in her life.

If I had a chance to meet her again, I will strike up a conversation with her. I jumped down at the next stop and walked briskly back to work.

Life is a fleeting tale, I told myself. It’s a mystery just like the magical fleeting moments of crossing of paths with a stranger. The lady with the sweet smile.

PS: This post was published earlier and submitted now for the Discover Challenge Chance Encounter.

Peace and Love!

15 thoughts on “The Fleeting Moments…

    • My appreciations for taking the time to read and leave a comment. Yes, it has happened before but today, it bothered me a bit the way life throws strangers at us. And they walk away without any spoken words yet, with a connection of the eyes and mind.

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  1. It’s truly a blessing when this happens. I normally connect with children and families. I think I have a Santa Claus affect.,. It’s like the know somehow that I love kids and play. I love my profession so I guess it shows. But when those eye- contact moments happens, it’s special. And, btw… I find myself looking at my phone more often now, also. 😃😃😃😃Giggle!!!

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    • Haha @ Giggle!!! Oh I got company with the phone thing, Lol. Have to control it though. I want to believe that there is an aura about certain people that attracts a few second of eye-coding with others. The strange thing is that, such eye contacts are mere glances and not any invitations to talk. Am talking about decent smiles not the creepy smiles that suggests an attraction. I found it awkward especially when I analyze it afterwards. Your love for children is the magnet that attracts them to you… I think you have an amiable disposition which is contagious. I appreciate your opinions. Thanks! 🙂


  2. I have a new resolution, let’s call it like that. Whenver I see that someone expresses eagerness to talk to me, I’ll try to say something, to get to know them better. Knowing people and their stories can transform our lives, I believe.

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    • You are on point, Katie! But sometimes, it’s so swift that before you realise it, the moment has slipped. And there’s no chance to say a ‘hello’ – in the crowd, bus or in an eatery… strange things happen! Thanks for your comment. Glad for your visit and the read. 🙂

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    • Quite hilarious, Gilian! I agree it could send cold shivers if it is in a lonely environment. I’ve heard cases of people being hypnotized in awkward situations like that. Lol. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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