Never Again – Daily Prompt!

It was in the summer of 2013. I planned a trip to London and Edinburg, Scotland. However, I didn’t confirm my travel place in good time so I had to buy expensive tickets for my trip.  I got a fairly good fare to London which was quite okay. The plan was to spend a week in London and then two weeks in Edinburg. I thought it will be easier to get a cheap train ticket from London to Edinburg but I was wrong.

I searched and googled all the travel sites for plane tickets with the hope of getting a discounted ticket. All my efforts proved abortive.  Even the train tickets from London to Edinburg were a rip off as I recalled. Pay such huge sum just from London to Edinburgh? No way!

Well, at the end, I settled for the Mega-Bus which was a grave mistake. The National Express was far too expensive and I reckoned that the Mega-Bus was the only plausible option since it was in late July with the Edinburgh festival coming up in August. So I joined this Bus that moved on a snails pace.

Though I knew it was an 8-9 hour journey, I never anticipated the harrowing experience I would be subjected to. The drive from London to Edinburgh was long, frustrating and way beyond the stipulated time.  We spent 12 hours on that journey.  Please don’t ask me why it took the bus that long time to get to Edinburgh.  It’s a sad story. The motorway was busy but boring.  The ride only succeeded in showcasing the grey corridor of the United Kingdom.

I arrived Edinburgh at 1.00 Am that morning. My cousin could not pick me up from the Edinburgh train station so I took a Taxi.  The Taxi Chauffeur drove round the entire city and finally pulled at my destination. Guess what? I parted with twice the normal taxi fare. Not a good day at all!

Nonetheless, I was welcomed by my cousin and her family. The journey drained all my energy and appetite for food and I vowed never to embark on such a road trip again.

However, I love Edinburgh. It is a city with striking and enchanting scenery.  Classic old architecture with great tourist attractions.  The landmarks are breath-taking.  I was billed to attend the annual Edinburgh festival that August.  I tell you, Edinburgh have got some vibes with the hustle and bustle.  The famous Princess Street, has a mix of high streets and designer outlets. There are a variety of quirky and kitsch boutiques with a parade of vintage clothes and rare antics.  The Princess Street Gardens offer a rich hub of floral gardens. Suffice it to say that Edinburgh is a great tourist attraction. The bewitching magnificent Castle. And oh! The Scottish Museum et al.

That was an unforgettable experience. And never again will I embark on a road trip from London to Edinburgh.

Daily Prompt Never Again.

6 thoughts on “Never Again – Daily Prompt!

    • Yes it was! All I did was to enjoy the trip while it lasted. Edinburgh is a fascinating city with historic landmarks. I like to stay in the moment. So, yes, the trip had a happy ending! 🙂


  1. Oh, this sounds horrible. It’s hard to learn, but in the UK every ticket has to be bought in advance. And then you can get tickets for great prices, even from London to Edinburgh – in a bus or a train which starts and arrives during by daytime.
    I will travel from London to Stratford-Upon-Avon by train this year. Normal fare is about 30 Pounds. By buying in advance in the internet the samt ticket is as little as 6 Pounds. It’s the same for the long distance routes. Well, I learned this the hard way myself. I guess it’s an experience one will make once in a lifetime? 😉

    But all’s well that ends well and you could enjoy Edinburgh. It’s a wonderful city, so different of others. Full of people, but one doesn’t feel stressed by it. Perhaps it’s the serenity of the castle which is emitted all over the city?


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to give me a feedback. Oh yes, it was a horrible experience. But the sight of Edinburgh was calming and soothed away all the ugliness of the journey. I agree that Edinburgh is historical and beautiful. Love every visit to the Scottish capital. Btw, I apologise for late response, got hold of it now from my spam feed. 🙂

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  2. At least we get to learn what and what not to do. We also get to hear an interesting story filled with twists and turns, and then in the end an experience worth sharing… I enjoyed the read and thanks for following my writes, a pleasure meeting you

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    • You’re most welcome, Yvonne! I’m glad you found something you enjoyed in here. It was refreshing taking a peek at your space too. We learn lessons whether good or bad every day and at the end, we learn from our mistakes. Nice to connect with you. Cheers! 🙂

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