Sudden Shifts – Daily Prompt!

It was a sunny day in August

I was clad in my multi coloured bikini

As we enjoyed the serene coolness of the beach

The glow from the golden sun permeates the day

There was a mass display of naked bodies wrapped up in tattoos

A blend of gorgeous mortals make mockery of their egos

Come let us swim! They bellowed one to another


The patterned rafters in colours of black, white and red

Caressed us as we sat in our summer flip flops

We listened to the whistling wind

And watched the roaring waves form hurdles in the sea

A blissful cosy day, I whispered to the gods

As we feasted on a variety of fruity fructose

Soaking the sun with us were other beach lovers

Everyone was amused by the comical sights painted at the beach

We perused one another as we picked pebbles and cowries


One moment of harmony, one moment of merry

But like the speed of light

The beach climaxed into a forlorn landscape

There was chaos as everyone scampered for safety

What’s with this whirlwind?

A fierce contention enveloped the wind and the sand

Horrendous art fit only for the desert


Pandemonium broke loose

A sudden fear gripped everyone  

We ran helter-skelter

We bemoaned our fate

What in the world is happening?

Has the end visited the earth?

Are the gods of the sea angry?

Rhetoric’s are better left for a good platform


A sudden gush of fear over-shadowed us

People retired inwards in hurried steps

As the sky opened its mouth with rage

And in fierce fury, punched our bodies hard

The city gasped for breath underneath the crying sky

We must not be swallowed by a tumultuous storm


We raced in the rain soaked to the hilt

The sight of freedom consoled our knackered frames

As we reached for the car tucked between the bending trees

We leaped forward in flickered smiles

And inhaled safety into our lives

Nature played pranks on us, we enthused

With a sudden shift to our heavenly picnic.

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt Sudden Shifts.


Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.







8 thoughts on “Sudden Shifts – Daily Prompt!

  1. You’ve commented above that writing this piece was a bit of a struggle… but believe me when I say it was totally worth it! I, along with many of the other readers evidently, enjoyed reading this poem very much. The sudden change in scene, the descriptors, and even the fact that your poem kind of has a “plot” to it, is all very creative.

    Liked by 1 person

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