Blog Stats – Daily Prompt!

Today’s Daily prompt is the The Stat Connection! 

Honestly, until now, I wasn’t paying attention to my blog stats. Maybe because at this point, I am only interested in writing. But writing on meaningful subjects that my readers can relate to.

Today’s Daily prompt took me to my Blog Stats. And it’s amazing to realise that some posts did quite well more than the others in terms of the views and likes which they attracted. I cannot really figure out the reason for the surge in likes or views or how these things work or relate.

However, it is a fact that people begin to feel comfortable with you, identity with your writings and support your work, especially when your posts resonates with them.

Could it be that my blog theme or the colour or the face behind the blog is what draws my readers attention? What is it exactly? You are the only one who can tell me what you like in here, Lol.

Having said that, the three blog posts that I believe attracted a substantial number of views and visitors were:

Say Your Name: (Click Here) This was yesterday’s (Febraury 8th) prompt and the most recent. It attracted a lot of views and visitors to my site. I can’t tell exactly why it generated this kind of good response but I think the fact that it was a Daily Prompt kindled the interest of readers.  The topic was also an interesting one that showed some cultural diversities in given names. Since all humans have names that form their identities, I think there was a general curiosity in the blogosphere to read other people’s entries and learn new things about other places and their cultures.

Self-Confidence: (Read here) I wrote this piece on January 12th, and loved the response from other bloggers. The comments that stemmed from this post was heart-warming. The post was an inspiration and motivator. It emphasized on the need to believe in oneself and boost up one’s confidence level. Without self-confidence, one may not likely attain an appreciable level of success in life.  This post was re-blogged by another blogger.

Stop the Excuses: (Click Here) This was another post that generated a good traffic to my blog. Perhaps, the fact that I also posted a video to buttress my points helped to get readers attention. The post was to inspire and act as a reminder for us to stop giving flimsy excuses why we are not able to live our dreams. I drew the attention of my readers to a man whose disability did not deter him from aiming for success in life. He faced his challenges even though he was blind from birth. He braced all odds on his way to realising his set goals in life.

I was thrilled that “Stop the Excuses” written on January 15th, was re-blogged by four awesome bloggers. Succinctly put, I was marvelled that the post was worthy for a re-blog. I grinned from ear to ear.

Are Women Always Right?  You will find the answers Here.  This post of January 30th, really blew my mind away. It was what I called a photo-speak post. The picture spoke to my dear readers and they found it quite hilarious. Yes! I mean hilarious! If you want to get some good laugh after now, I encourage you to read this post. Close your day with some humour and laugh off the day’s stress.  Afterall, laughter is good medicine for your soul.

Other Blog posts that got a good stats hit were Learning Styles and A Reason to Believe. Both posts were in response to WP Daily Prompts and were written on January 18th and 19th respectively.

Thank you for reading.

Peace and Love!


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