Wednesday Nuggets!

Encourage image (2)


I encourage YOU today:

  • To put on the shoes of optimism and walk on the path of bravery.

  • To have the limbs of courage as you climb on to the mountain of life.

  • To run with the wind to your destinies like you have the wings of an Eagle.

  • To speak the truth and never live in the shadow of lies.

  • Don’t be afraid to fight for what is right even if it means standing on your own.

  • As you walk the ground to success, throw out the sandals of fear and don’t let anything scare you.

  • Don’t entertain any regrets when you do what will make you happy and fulfilled.

  • Don’t judge too quickly unless you are willing to cast the first stone without any guilt in you.

  • Don’t be bothered about others opinion of you, it’s your life after all. So live it freely.

  • Live a life of purpose, forgiving wrongs and loving without reservations.

  • Here’s a very important nugget for today – Don’t forget to:

Love yourself

May you have a reason to smile today!

Peace and Love!

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All rights reserved.

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