Daily Prompt – Quote Me!

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt – Quote January 27, 2016.  I have chosen two quotes out of the many quotes cooling off in my collections. 


10338345_862662950426780_2826561136454148558_n (2)

As a practising Christian, I believe so much in the above quote. I profess it always and it has a way of boosting up my confidence when all hope seem lost. It energises me when am going through any failures or disapointments. It gives me strength and hope to keep trusting and believing in the faithfulness of God.

I am a living testimony of HIS goodness. Therefore, during challenges and difficult times, and periods when I feel pained and deflated, I still look up with the firm belief that God will breathe in my direction.

When one door closes, a better door will open in no time. Armed with this thought, I don’t waste time staring at the closed door. I walk and move on to other fertile grounds.


12508913_10153994121504271_817161295413430869_n (2)

Life experiences have shown me that I should not waste my precious time with people, who do not love me or show any concern for my passion and dreams.

I can discern this class of people by interactions and conversations. They made up the pile of friends that I had in the past and I can write a book about their negative philosophies and ideologies.

I am very optimistic and would stay away from any relationship that kills my optimism and enthusiasm for life. When you mingle with people who do not love your high spirit and ambition, you are not likely to make any giant strides.

And of course, I admire Oprah. She exudes that optimism and positive energy that motivates me.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Peace and Love!


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