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My Special Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving day in the United States. I began this season of thanksgiving with my blog “November”, where I wrote about the Thanksgiving holiday.  Though I don’t live in the US, reflecting on the underlying theme of this holiday, I am grateful for so many things in life.

Here are 15 things am thankful for:

  • First, I am thankful to Almighty God, for the gift of life. For His abundant Grace and Mercies.
  • I am extremely grateful for my wonderful family. Thank you Mama for bringing me into this world. And to my brothers and sisters, for the love and bond we all share. You are a great help and support.
  • I am grateful for the land of my birth. Nigeria. Growing up there has taught me what life truly means. I understood early in life, that ‘life is a struggle and only the tough survive the challenges’.
  • Oh yes, it’s true that I have come to love Facebook. Life will be boring without humour. So, I am grateful for the creative mind of Mark Zuckerberg for bringing Facebook to my life. Through Facebook, I am connected and linked to several amazing people and opportunities in the world.
  • To everyone behind the ‘Internet’ and all the ‘Social Medias’ – WordPress, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, thank you. You made communication easier across the globe. Long hours of talk with family and friends. Wow!
  • I am thankful to the country I live in and the beautiful things it has offered me. To the amazing friends I have found here, who are like family. Thank you.
  • I want to thank all the wonderful people I met at Aarhus University during my Master’s studies. My classmates, teachers, mentors, mentees etc. Sharing those hours with you all has enriched my cultural awareness, and made me a good team player.
  • To everyone I met at Teknolog Kollegiet, for the great moments we shared. And for all the activities we did together – a mix of cultures, indeed. I say thank you.
  • I am grateful for the countries I have visited. Travelling is knowledge. Insights into different cultures and people have changed my perception of the world. It is my best way to acquire empathy and understanding. Thus, I have learnt not to rely on the propagandas in the press.
  • I am grateful for my friends and cousins in the United Kingdom, who open the doors of their homes whenever I visited. Thank you for the love you have shown me over the years. You are kind souls.
  • I am thankful for those amazing friends, both old and new, that have become sisters. Thank you girls for believing in true friendship. May our bond get stronger each day!
  • I am grateful for the lessons and experiences I have garnered in life. They shape my thoughts. Well, after all, life is a learning curve.
  • I am extremely grateful for the air I breathe. For health. For abundant supply of food. For water. For the person I have become. For everything.
  •  To the wonderful people, who motivate, support, and encourage me in my passion and vision. Thank you.
  • To every one of you that has crossed my path in life. Destiny brought us together. Thank you.

I am thankful that you are reading this post. Share your thoughts. Leave a comment. What is on your thank you list?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hand-Written Notes

Handwritten notes or letters carry a special meaning for me.

Be it a note of gratitude or love, it carries an emotional feel that strengthens relationships. I still have one special letter from my late father who died many years ago. Every time I read through this piece, I feel his love and admiration. I feel his presence and there is always a reconnection to his life-time.

Now, there is no personal touch in written notes. Indeed, it has become a lost art, stolen by the new era of Digital Revolution.

Social Medias have replaced the old norm of writing with pen and paper, or buying stamps and going to the post office simply to post a letter to a friend, family or loved one.


The morning calls ignite her for the day

The giggles and tantrums awaken her consciousness

Far away she could hear the faded whisperings

The whisperings of two souls knitted in love

Yet a melodious string, yet an arduous sting

A Piper’s finger on the piano

His presence was music blazed in her heart

She listened to the wiles, the guile and the bites.


In shatters the song raved

Whence she goes, whither she trudge

Save this soul, yet another tear drop

Yet another death.

The spectacle of a fragile spirit, mortal, let it live.

Return the smeared glow and stay on

But the song has formed a blurred shadow

A dance in the grave, where solitude dwells

Swallowed by pride, an insane game

Hidden in the dark crooked smiles, Oh!

He was gone long before dawn.


Look deep, she exudes life

Look deeper still, there is hope

Look still yet, its budding, again.

Life will bloom and blossom

She is a tale blazed in the stars.



The month of November ushers us into the inevitable change in weather when it’s going to get colder, darker, rainy and wet, and probably with flurries of snow. Then boom, comes winter in its full glare! The month of November is significant and it holds different meanings for different people.  For some, it is a birth month and for the Americans, it’s a month of Thanksgiving. In the Christian religious calendar, different commemorations and celebrations are held in November.  Continue reading