October is Fall…

How you come again with your chill?
Your presence unsettles the air
And makes me clamour for the sun again,
As the dark days slowly creep up on us.
Summer was here with its sweet fragrance
And I silently wish the sun to keep seeping into my skin
But like fleeting beauty
Time belongs to the past in seconds.
Oh October!
With nostalgia I embrace your chilling presence
Your fiery temper and scary roar
Make the trees sway and dance
Betraying the leaves, sending them to twirl.
I watch the leaves fall one by one
They litter the pathways, the lawns and gardens
Caressing the ground and dotting the roads
Lovely colours of brown, gold, red and deep orange
The leaves are flying and falling everywhere
Forming new carpets for us to walk on.
The rustling and whispering in the breeze
The rattling sound evoked by the wind
And the crackling sound of dead leaves
Form melodies and rhythms in my ears,
Discordant tunes of fall so it seem
Sending intense cold to my body.
Its tea time again, oh yes!
As I tuck myself under the duvet
Where warmth resides.
Winter lurk around
And sweaters, gloves, jackets and boots
Come out of hiding to breathe again,
Yet this time will pass away too
A very constant reminder
That time opens a new phase
Of change!
For the naked trees
Will grow new green leaves again.



Copyright © 2015 by Simpledimple

All rights reserved.


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step”



Are you familiar with the word procrastination?

Do you know that procrastination steals your time?

Have you been bitten by its bug in any way at all?

Another word for it is ‘Delay’.

Now you understand me better, right?

Okay, here is the gist. Mr. Procrastination lived with me for a long time. He showed up anytime there was something important to attend to, and gave me flimsy excuses why I should not take quick measures on matters that needed immediate attention.  Eventually, I put aside important tasks.

“Hey, you can read the email but respond later. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to do it,” he says.

“Oh, you can get it done tomorrow. By the way, the application can be written over the weekend because the deadline is still far away. The bills can be paid next week. Why don’t you make the phone call in the evening? The weather isn’t good today so just hold on until tomorrow.  There is still plenty of time to do the packing, to do the laundry, to do the homework. You are tired, take a nap and get some rest.”

The nap turned into many hours of sleep, thus, taking the time that would have been better utilized. The list of excuses is endless and time is non-renewable.  Delay and excuses become the norm of the day just to justify a passive attitude. This attitude of putting off things, rob us of the opportunity to accomplish something.

Time for change!

After all the delays, the putting aside of important issues, the ‘I will do it tomorrow’ stance; I finally summoned courage and challenged myself to change. I knew that taking action was the only way I could realize my dreams, because opportunities are lost when we delay in taking action. Therefore, I deleted the word procrastination from my mindset, and changed the word tomorrow to today.

Finally, I wrote a new motto for myself:

Do it NOW!

It’s time for action!

I shall write about whatever tickles my fancy from my own perspective and in my own peculiar style.

Welcome to my musings!