It’s A Conspiracy Of Love…

Blessed is the season, which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. – Hamilton Wright Mabi

I concur and share same sentiments with Hamilton that indeed Christmas is a time that truly engages the whole world as they celebrate the year-end. A time with an atmosphere of good cheer. A season to show how much you love and how much you care for one another. A season when humanity exudes all the humanness in them. A cosy period where the art of gifting one another with precious tokens have a resounding crescendo. A time when people unwrap LOVE nicely packed in radiant boxes of chocolates as the exchange of gifts flies across borders and above frontiers. Continue reading

Bounties Of The Season!

On this crispy day
I awake, wrapped in
A familiar sweetness
As your magnetic scent permeates the atmosphere
I could taste your scintillating wit
Your infectious ever effervescent ambience
Stir vivacious sparkling bubbles in the air
Ebulliently stimulating the face of the world
As gestures of love transmits across borders
One to another, hand to hand
Emotions so intense and so very special
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It’s Time To Detox…!

It’s that time of the year again when I sit down and take a stock of my life. When I do an introspection and carry out an analysis of my activities for the year. It’s that time of the year when I look at my friendships and associations and what they all represent in my life. So, here is my rant for today.

Who said that to detox is only good for the body? Continue reading

Echoes Of December!

Outside, are charming ensembles
Of glittering lights and scintillating artistry
Heralding the biggest day in December
The streets clad in awesome decorations
Blazed in colours of gold, silver, red, and white
The shops adorn vibrant Christmasy swags
Gifts neatly wrapped in boxes taped in colourful ribbons
Wait patiently for joyous shoppers
Awestruck by the melodious Christmas carols
And the boisterous Christmas parties
This awesome feeling of merriment caresses me robustly
The festive Christmas figurines
Ornaments, scented candles and stockings
The Christmas wreaths and trees
Splatter endearing beautiful grins to the homes
Oh! The air feels Christmasy
The crisp night and winter solstice
Ho Ho Ho… Santa is here
The echoes of December


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome To December!

I am here with the musings about the month of December. Why am I picking on this month? The answer is simple. December is the last and busiest month of the year. Talk about December, and the whole of humanity giggles and smiles cheerfully.

December is a month of romance. Oh yes, and of love too, because, most relationships bubble with a spectacular spark of renewed gusto during this winter month. December is that period of the year when people indulge in random acts of kindness as gifts are presented to all and sundry. December, the month with the Christmas bug! Talk about Christmas and all the razzmatazz of this special day comes to mind. Wow! December is here at last. Hello People, it’s almost year-end. 2017 is about to close. 2017 is exiting the scene.  Continue reading